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Game Secrets and Easter Eggs Here you can discuss the secrets of Heart of Eir. You can discuss puzzles, dungeons and anything else hidden away in the game. Work together to keep everything locked up here so that other players don’t have to accidentally come across them. Narith Atoll (Village Building) An Island untouched… accessible only by special Ancient portals. Lives a peaceful land, safe from the darkness. A place to invite those you care about to live and a place to build a beautiful village. Collect things from all over the land of Eathral to decorate and build you own village. Share you Work here and talk about where you can find items. Fishing and Farming Fishing and Farming are a very extensive parts of the game. Discuss your methods and timing for these fun activities Combat and Bosses Discuss strategies to defeat bosses and get information on where you can get what items from what side quest bosses. Stryah Affinity Eathral is a wonderous world coming into the age of understanding Stryah and how it can be used. Talk about all the ways that Stryah Affinity effects the world around you. What have you discovered and what does it take to get to new areas.
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