Patch Notes: 1/9/2020

TwilightStar: Heart of Eir - 1/19/2019 (Alpha) Patch Notes Main Game: Fixes

  • Update to Camera system in Battle, WorldMap and HomeWorld FPV Building (V Key)
  • Updates and Performance to all maps/grass/foliage
  • Fixed Icons for Items
  • Swimming Mechanics have been rebuild entirely and you can now die while swimming
  • Potential Fix for the battle’s stalling
  • Dialogue Updates (Not complete)
  • Adjustments to Volume on Opening Game
  • Fixed Music system cutting out at New Game
  • Lots of UI Updates
  • Fixed Eir moving back and needing to move forward again while mining.
  • Made Pickup Items easier to find and interact with
  • Fixed Various Random UI Bugs


  • Swimming Mechanics have been rebuild entirely and you can now die while swimming
  • Fall Damage is now enabled
  • Surface Swimming now moves camera above water while swimming
  • Update to Battle Mechanics
  • StryahBinding is now working for Weapons and uses a visual Slot system to know how many times you can upgrade
  • Updates to the Minimap and Performance issues with it, including prebuild minimaps
  • Minimaps can now change image when moving between floors in dungeons (Only enemies on that floor are on the map)
  • Streamlined the Items Recieved Window to now add to the same window when opening multiple chests closely
  • Added New Spells
  • Added 20 New weapons (Temporarily they can be purchased after Windmond Fields Quest at the Blacksmith in Windmond)
  • Major Building System improvements and Introduction of NPCs in HomeWorld
  • Plants will now grow while not on HomeWorld Map
  • New Music for many maps, Battle and Victory Music.
  • Updates to Lighting and Character Materials
  • Updated Save Slots to include Date and Time on the Save
  • Various Small QoL Improvements

Card Game: Fixes

  • Minor Bug Fixes and improvements


  • Updates to Particle-Based Visual Effects - Added Sounds

Known Issues:

-!!!Possible Collision issues when starting/loading game. If you experience this please request assistance for troubleshooting to help us narrow down the issue!!! -

Needs Verified:

  • Battles Stopping Mid-Battle during Enemy Turn

On Deck To Be Fixed/Added:

  • If Eir and Kira are close to each other they can cast a special spell together